Smart IP Active Subwoofer

A truly pioneering solution, the compact 3440A PoE-powered subwoofer enhances Genelec’s versatile Smart IP family of installation loudspeakers, offering the convenience of networked audio with the benefits of single-cable connectivity. And by redefining the reference for low-frequency output using PoE power, the subwoofer pushes installation audio quality to new greater heights of performance.


106 dB

Potencia del amplificador

70 W Bass (Class D)

Respuesta en frecuencia

35 Hz - 120 Hz (-6 dB)

Precisión de la respuesta en frecuencia

± 2.5 dB (35 Hz - 120 Hz)

Dimensiones del altavoz

165 mm Bass (ver en pulgadas)


H 475 x W 475 x D 220 mm, (ver en pulgadas)


14.5 kg / 32.0 lb


1 x RJ45 AES67 / Dante Input

1 x Euroblock Analog Input

Opciones de color:

Uncompromised quality

With over four decades as the world's leading provider of professional studio monitoring loudspeakers, Genelec is uniquely placed to offer installed audio solutions with the highest standard of truthful, detailed and rich reproduction. Each loudspeaker is designed and manufactured to the highest sustainability standards and built to provide decades of reliable daily use. Wherever audio is intended to create an attractive experience that visitors enjoy, Genelec Smart IP loudspeakers ensure a smooth and flexible install, with a high-quality, engaging result.

Smart IP perfects Power-over-IP

Using Genelec patented power storage technology, the 3440A confidently delivers an impressive 106 dB of short-term SPL for flawless bass reproduction. All Genelec Smart IP loudspeakers offer the effortless scalability of open IP networking – with the added convenience of receiving PoE+ and PoE level power plus audio streams and management using only a single standard CAT cable. Audio is flawlessly delivered uncompressed using Dante or AES67 low latency streaming technologies.

Ease of installation

Genelec Smart IP Manager software discovers Smart IP devices and allows detailed configuration, calibration and supervision of all Smart IP system loudspeakers, rooms, zones, and audio channels. Every Smart IP loudspeaker includes a public API command set for house automation systems and benefits from a series of ready-made drivers, enabling quick-and-easy integration with a wide range of applications.

Available in black or white, the 3440A is easy to install either freestanding upright or on the side, as well as mounted on the wall or ceiling with its optional installation accessory.

Genelec’s wide range of Smart IP on-wall, ceiling and pendant loudspeaker solutions supports a wealth of installation opportunities. Using the 3440A Subwoofer, systems can be built with convenience, offering the aesthetic beauty and renowned uniform coverage, clarity and intelligibility of Smart IP, making this technology the most complete, flexible, and future-proof choice for AV integrators and installers everywhere.

Especificaciones técnicas

Audio-over-IP (AoIP)

PoE Power

Smart IP Manager

Active Crossovers

Bass Management System

Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS™) Technology

Protection Circuitry

Versatile Mountings

Optimised Amplifiers


Preguntas frecuentes

The 4410, 4420 and 4430 on-wall loudspeakers all share the same basic design, with each one progressively featuring a larger bass driver and larger enclosure dimensions. The 4410 differs from the 4420 and 4430 in that it features no Euroblock analogue audio input.

The 4435 is an in-ceiling loudspeaker designed for discreet installations and is available with square and round grilles.

The 4436 is a pendant loudspeaker especially designed for installations in open high-ceiling spaces, easing targeted sound distribution.

The addition of the 3440A Smart IP subwoofer to the Smart IP range provides an effective low-frequency audio solution that combines exceptional sound quality and networked convenience. The 3440A’s proprietary internal power supply technology stores power in order to produce an impressive 106 dB of short-term SPL whenever needed.

The free Controller app is designed for smaller, less complex installations and avoids the need for a third-party control system. It provides the end user with simple day-to-day control of key functions via one smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) and allows the user to access zones that have been set up by the installer using Smart IP Manager.

The audio streaming into each loudspeaker is uncompressed and low latency. Therefore, you can adjust system playback level at the source, or you can also adjust loudspeaker level with public API commands, or via the
Smart IP Controller app.

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