Audio and Music Education

In music education, precise, faithful audio monitoring is an essential tool for promoting better student learning.

Learning to listen

We know that students who listen better learn more - and in all genres of music, listening is the key to absorbing and understanding. Choosing Genelec monitoring for your school or college ensures that students can absolutely trust what they’re hearing, so can make better evaluations of their own recordings and those of others.

Studio Monitors

Making better music

Music is all about creativity, and creativity can only flow when nothing gets in the way of your inspiration. At Genelec, we strive for a purity of sound in our monitors so that nothing is allowed to inhibit the creative process - so you can stop focusing on the equipment, and really start hearing the music.

Student-proof reliability

While helping to provide an inspiring music education, Genelec monitors are built to withstand the punishing daily use that generations of students are likely to provide.

In the world of education, cost of ownership is extremely important - and all studio equipment is expected to perform faultlessly over an extended lifespan, often with minimum maintenance.

Genelec's commitment to providing round-the-clock reliability is legendary, and our use of top quality materials, sophisticated protection circuitry and stringent quality control means that every Genelec monitor will provide years of trouble-free service.

Challenging acoustics

As a leader in recording studio technology for over 40 years, Genelec is uniquely positioned to help students create music even in the most basic of facilities.

Learning to compose and record music away from the familiar surroundings of a traditional recording studio can introduce challenges that often arise from difficult acoustic conditions.

Whether it’s an untreated classroom or a mobile learning camp, in unpredictable acoustic spaces it’s good to know that our simple room compensation controls or GLM calibration software will help you optimise each monitor for the room. So as your students move around campus, they can trust every single room they work in.

Understanding sound

To develop a true understanding of music and instrumentation, students need to have an accurate, uncoloured reference point for how things should really sound right at the start of their career. This is particularly important for music students as they don’t yet have the same depth of listening experience as professionals.

The truthfulness and accuracy of Genelec monitors means that you know your students will be getting the solid grounding in sound that they deserve.

And since so many professional recording facilities rely on Genelec, your students will already be learning on industry-standard monitors, preparing them perfectly for their future careers.