Mastering music demands the most critical of listening environments, with monitors that are accurate, revealing…..and unforgiving.

Detail and transparency

As a mastering engineer you provide the link between artist and listener, and you hold the key to ensuring that a record translates to the widest possible range of playback devices. It’s a tough gig, and one that requires a monitoring system that delivers clinical levels of detail and transparency – allowing you to focus 100% on the music, and not on the monitor.

Don’t be compromised

Genelec monitors are the perfect choice for mastering applications, revealing staggering levels of detail in material that most other monitors mask. With minimal colouration, neutral frequency response, high headroom and pinpoint imaging, Genelec monitors produce a wonderfully neutral soundstage while highlighting all the low level pops, clicks and hiss that can compromise even the greatest records.

Feeling comfortable?

You’ll know that the key to successful mastering is building an acoustic environment around that you can totally trust, and feel comfortable in.

You’ll need good acoustic design and careful placement of equipment to achieve room symmetry, and then of course your choice of monitors will hugely influence your ability to work confidently and produce masters that translate perfectly.

Straight out of the box, all Genelec monitors produce a beautifully flat frequency response, but for those instances where your room is still introducing some unwanted acoustic influences, we provide a palette of tools to help compensate for this – from simple rear-panel room correction EQ switches to the full-blown power and flexibility of our GLM calibration software.

So trust Genelec to turn a good room…… into a great room.

Taming the low end

'The Ones’ point source coaxial monitors have now been complemented by the W371A adaptive woofer system – which goes further than any other system in removing the detrimental influences of the listening room on LF reproduction.

For mastering engineers, this combination of point source precision and adaptive low frequency performance is a game-changer. Used together, the two create a full range monitoring system that can work at higher SPLs and longer listening distances, delivering both direct sound and reflections that are free from colouration - and a flatter and smoother in-room frequency response with more coherent low frequency imaging.

This free-standing system can be located in optimal positions within your mastering studio; even providing the option to switch between nearfield and main monitors without image-shifting.

Calibrating your listening level

Our ever-evolving GLM software is designed to integrate tightly with our range of smart active monitors, and allows you to calibrate both your room and your listening level.

Based on experience from thousands of studios around the world, GLM’s calibration features allow you to optimise every Genelec smart active monitor for your unique space by analysing and adjusting level, frequency response and distance delay.

But GLM’s ability to also calibrate and monitor your listening level is as just as crucial to the mastering engineer, since our sensitivity to audio frequencies varies significantly with SPL. Only by working at a carefully calibrated SPL level can we be sure of consistency and accuracy in all our mastering decisions, and GLM’s software master fader is designed to monitor in either relative dB or absolute SPL scale, or with external wired or wireless level controllers available as accessories.

Genelec Pro Studio Interview: Finnvox studios (Helsinki, Finland)

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