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It can make your heart race - or move you to tears. Because sound is such a crucial part of the movie experience, treat your home theatre system to the very best speakers available.

Home Theatre with Genelec monitors

Bringing movies to life

The more natural the dialogue, music and sound effects of a movie appear to you, the more you can start to forget about the audio system and really focus on the content itself. The transparent audio performance of Genelec speakers creates a truly realistic and believable soundscape that will bring your movies to life.

Home Theatre with Genelec Monitors

Be part of the action

Once you start to hear all the fine details of movie sound, you’ll feel that you’re right at the heart of the action - and even more so with surround sound and the latest immersive audio formats. Film professionals around the world rely on Genelec speakers to mix the sound of your favourite movies precisely because of that exquisite detail, so why not enjoy the same quality in your home?

Getting enough dynamics

As well as clarity and transparency, choosing a speaker system that delivers sufficient dynamics is crucial.

Because movies can feature everything from whispered dialogue to thunderous sound effects, the range of volume that your home theatre speakers need to handle is huge - and this is called ‘dynamic range’.

Fortunately, Genelec’s active design principle featuring built-in power amplifiers means that each amplifier is totally optimised for the speaker it’s driving, so there is always an abundance of power available to handle whatever content is being thrown at it. And the more able your speakers are to respond to that wide dynamic range, the more lifelike and real sounds will become.

A valuable benefit of our active loudspeaker design is that each speaker also comes with integral protection circuitry, which will constantly monitor potential overload situations and prevent your speaker from damage.

Working with tight spaces

With Genelec, enjoying movies won’t necessarily demand lots of space, even with surround sound systems.

Our huge range of speakers, and consistency of sound across the family, means we can offer a quality solution irrespective of your room size. So whatever your home theatre design plans - from tiny living room to larger dedicated space - we provide everything from compact bookshelf designs to large format flush-mounting models, all sharing that same transparent Genelec audio quality.

And because every room is unique, we make it as easy as possible to situate Genelec speakers in any environment, through a vast range of complementary mounting accessories - including floor stands, table stands, wall mounts and ceiling mounts.

Everything is designed to make your listening experience comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable - whatever room you choose.

How many speakers?

Simply upgrading your TV with a pair of good external speakers will yield a big step up in audio quality, but what about surround sound and the latest 3D immersive audio formats?

With the growing availability of high quality immersive movie content, the potential for truly stunning home theatre sound has never been greater.

But as you increase the number of playback channels, your speakers need to be physically compact and deliver totally uncoloured response both on and off axis, to ensure that complex immersive soundscapes retain both detail and precision.

Genelec offers all this and more, plus our smart active models can be optimised specifically for your room acoustics via our GLM software, allowing you to tailor the performance of every speaker, fromstereo to complex immersive formats.

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