TV & Gaming

To truly appreciate the incredible audio quality of modern TV productions and computer games, you need the finest external speakers to reveal every detail and nuance of the soundscape.

TV & Genelec Home Speakers

Unlock the emotion

The standard of game production is now so sophisticated that it can sometimes be hard to differentiate between a TV program and a game. But while the picture provides you with information, the real emotion comes from the sound - which can only be unlocked through high quality speakers.

Hear what the pros hear

With the wealth of amazing TV and gaming content, it’s important that your home system has the capability to let you experience exactly what the creators intended. Since many pros in TV and gaming rely on Genelec speakers every day to fine-tune their productions, why not bring that same pro quality into your home?

Improving poor TV sound

As the picture quality of today’s ultra slimline TV screens is increasing at a staggering rate, this ironically means that there is rapidly shrinking space for internal speakers, so your TV sound can suffer significantly.

Therefore, the potential for dramatically improving the sound of your TV is clear, and with the prevalence of both analogue and digital audio outputs on TV sets, upgrading your system with a pair of premium quality external speakers is both easy to do and staggering in effectiveness. The difference really is like night and day, with hugely improved clarity of music, dialogue and sound effects.

Also, with our wide range of speakers and subwoofers, whatever your room size and application we have a superb sound solution for you, from stereo TV playback to fully immersive gaming.

Going multi-channel

There’s no doubt that having experienced the excitement and realism of multi-channel movie and gaming, it can be hard to go back to stereo! That sense of total immersion and being positioned right at the heart of the action is an extremely powerful and engaging feeling.

While installing a fully immersive system in your living room can seem a daunting prospect, it’s often the most comfortable and natural place to relax and kick back.

The good news is that Genelec has a range of huge-sounding yet compact speakers, that will fit into the tightest of spaces and enable you to enjoy a multi-channel system in your living space, whatever the room size. With pristine sound quality, beautiful aesthetics and a vast range of adjustable mounting options, you can easily find a home for your speakers on a shelf, wall or ceiling with the minimum of fuss.

Getting more clarity

Most of us know what it’s like to have a TV experience spoilt by indistinct dialogue - so if you’re having to turn the volume up or flick the subtitles on, then something’s obviously wrong.

If the human voice sounds natural then your speakers are usually providing a good balance, so dialogue is a useful test for your system. But sometimes the position of your speakers can make retaining that natural balance harder, since any speaker placed close to a wall will automatically produce an artificially boosted bass response - due to the basic laws of physics.

The good news is that every Genelec speaker has a set of simple rear panel room correction switches that allow you to quickly and simply compensate for this - and therefore ensuring that whatever your room environment, you can be confident of natural, uncoloured sound.

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