Public Places

From museums and galleries to retail, Genelec delivers a truly premium audio experience, perfectly matched to the environment. Trust us to provide pristine audio quality, a choice of 120 custom colours, and bulletproof reliability.

Performance meets aesthetics

Our classic speaker design can be seen in public places throughout the world: compact, high quality speakers that are easy to install and perform beautifully for years, working reliably day after day. To us, technical performance and aesthetics always go hand-in-hand, so you can also be sure that Genelec speakers will always look as good as they sound.

Perfect for any environment

Our design approach means that you can play audio at low levels and still provide clear, intelligible performance. In difficult acoustic environments this can be a real benefit, since you can avoid putting too much energy into the space, thereby controlling acoustic problems. Built-in amplification means that the amplifier is always perfectly matched to the speaker, producing optimum performance and ensuring that the system is completely protected from damage - ensuring the longevity of the system.


People stay longer when things sound better, since poor audio can be tiring on the ears. But if background music and promotional announcements feature high quality audio, shoppers will feel more at ease.

Modern retail is all about differentiation. Genelec loudspeakers offer a significantly better audio experience, adding to the overall quality of any store. We offer a variety of loudspeaker options, from wall mountable models to in-wall and in-ceiling solutions - giving you the flexibility you need to perfectly adapt to any retail environment.

Many of our models are also available in 120 different RAL custom colours to match corporate colour schemes, and our in-wall and in-ceiling ranges also feature paintable grills and bezels.


Bring museum exhibits to life with a high quality audio experience perfectly matched to the acoustic environment. Genelec delivers pristine audio, a choice of 120 colours and robust construction that will last for decades.

Clearer audio is much easier to understand, so using our speakers for individual museum exhibits will offer a superior visitor experience and convey the message more readily. For more ambitious projects, the precise, uncoloured performance of Genelec speakers is perfect for enveloping visitors with believable immersive sound.

Using our unique software calibration tools, you can configure and tune multiple Genelec loudspeakers as one complete system, delivering bespoke cinematic experiences to engage visitors like never before.


The precise, detailed performance of Genelec speakers has made us the brand of choice for discerning sound artists and galleries the world over.

Audio is an integral part of the sensory journey. Enveloping the visitor with sound, you provide a heightened experience - enhancing what they see with what they hear. Delivering total clarity, even at low levels.

As art becomes increasingly mixed-media, it’s important to faithfully reproduce the audio created by the artist. Our ability to recreate the original vision exactly as it was intended is what makes our speakers so popular with discerning artists.

And with our rear panel room correction switches and software calibration tools, every Genelec speaker system can be tuned to the exact requirements of the space.

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