Genelec delivers clear and intelligible audio through robust, reliable loudspeaker solutions - helping to improve every student's understanding and maximise their potential.

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Helping students learn

It's been proved that students learn better when they can hear clearly. Genelec's reputation for unparalleled audio quality means that you can be confident that students will hear everything, all the time.

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Helping teachers teach

Education is utilising increasingly mixed media, with audio coming from laptops, media servers and smart devices. Add microphones to the mix and you need a reliable solution to deliver that audio effectively. Genelec has education solutions from desktop listening, to classroom coverage, to larger lecture halls. Genelec loudspeakers are built to be maintenance-free and offer many years of reliable, hassle-free service.

In the classroom

Genelec design high quality loudspeakers that are easy to install, and produce the clean, precise audio that modern classrooms really need.

No matter where they sit, students need to hear their teacher. They are more engaged with learning through auditory and visual stimuli, so it's important to invest in the best loudspeaker technology available.

Genelec loudspeakers are quick and easy to install, and their integrated amplifiers allow rapid connection to classroom audio sources. Ensure better attention, improved collaboration, easier class management and better academic success by using a more intelligible audio solution.

Personal listening

For individuals or small groups needing to listen, our range of compact loudspeaker solutions offer quality and intelligibility at low levels.

Our smallest loudspeakers share the same design principles as their larger siblings, offering the same transparent sound quality with minimal colouration and distortion. In individual learning environments, this means students can hear every word, even at low volumes, and they won't suffer from the listener fatigue that lower quality speaker designs can induce.

For media production, students use Genelec speakers to critically analyse their work. Desk-mount or wall-mount, each one offers a reliable, easy-to-use solution.

Lecture halls

The breadth of our range means that for your bigger rooms on campus, you'll find a larger Genelec loudspeaker solution that will deliver the same pristine audio, but over longer listening distances and with more acoustic energy.

Our larger loudspeaker models can comfortably fill an entire auditorium with clear, intelligible speech. Offering flexible installation options - wall-mount or flown - you can position them in the best location to suit the room.

And since all our speakers utilise integrated power amplifiers, you don't have to worry about providing racks for bulky external amplifier units.