Corporate AV

From the reception area right through to the boardroom, high quality audio is an essential part of conveying a premium business message.

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High definition audio

Superior audio is conspicuous only when it’s missing. Every corporate team demands clarity, so whether it's small teams collaborating in huddle spaces, or larger teams in the auditorium, audio quality really matters. When everything works and the message is clear, it’s almost unnoticeable - but take away the clarity and it steals focus from the team. Genelec helps put the focus back on the business message.

Form and function

While sound quality is hugely important, aesthetics and practicality have a part to play too. Since installations are sometimes rushed to enable completion within tight construction deadlines, ease of installation and setup can make all the difference. Whether it's via simple rear panel room compensation switches or our powerful software calibration tools, tailoring speaker performance to the room is both fast and intuitive, allowing you to configure and tune the system for optimum performance. There is no compromise in audio quality - even if the install is pressed for time.

Corporate boardrooms

High level strategic planning requires intense focus and clarity, so Genelec is the natural audio choice for boardrooms the world over.

To achieve that clarity, every Genelec speaker produces beautifully transparent, uncoloured performance right out of the box, with the further option of using our precise room response controls or software calibration tools to optimise each speaker’s response to suit the acoustical environment.

High definition video conferencing is now standard in almost all corporate boardrooms. With Genelec’s wall and ceiling mounted speakers you can provide screen sound as well as speech reinforcement from above, ensuring that every person in the room is fully engaged in the business message.

And for conferencing systems using digital audio networking, we have a growing range of Dante and AES67 compatible speaker solutions.

Meeting rooms and huddle spaces

Whether smaller meeting spaces are used to empower innovation or simply keep people up to date, Genelec’s legendary audio clarity gives small teams the tools they need to remain focused and creative - avoiding the distraction and listener fatigue that poor quality audio systems can introduce.

When using high definition video for meetings, it deserves to be partnered by clean and crisp audio, ensuring better intelligibility and more productive collaboration.

Our huge range of flexible mounting options and a choice of wall mount, in-wall, or in-ceiling speaker models gives meeting rooms and huddle spaces a high level of professionalism, with easy installation and set-up, even in physically challenging rooms.

No other manufacturer gives you so much flexibility in installing and optimising their speakers to ensure what you hear is as pure and uncoloured as is humanly possible.

Other corporate spaces

Whatever corporate space you are equipping, the AV equipment chosen should be aesthetically pleasing while delivering superior quality audio. Our long term collaboration with top industrial designer Harri Koskinen means that Genelec AV solutions look and sound great, while being contractor friendly.

We offer a wide variety of wall and ceiling mounting options, providing the flexibility to perfectly suit any corporate environment. Additionally, our 4000 series models are available in 120 custom RAL colours to match corporate colour schemes, and our in-wall and in-ceiling ranges also feature paintable grilles and bezels for a totally discrete appearance.

From the smallest speakers in huddle spaces to larger solutions for corporate auditoriums, Genelec sound quality is unparalleled, and totally consistent. Our active speaker design with dedicated integral amplifiers delivers sound that is crisp and clear, avoiding the need for extra racks of bulky external power amplifiers.

Genelec Audio Solutions for Corporate AV Applications – An Overview

Meetech Provides Precise Sound | Genelec 4000 Series loudspeakers

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