Home Listening

With today’s frantic pace of living it’s even more important to find time to relax and savour the truly important things in life. Trust Genelec home audio speakers to bring you the maximum enjoyment from your music collection or favourite playlist, so you can really appreciate those precious moments.

Home Listening

Beautiful sound, beautiful design

We value both sound quality and aesthetic design very highly, so each of our speakers and subwoofers is created to offer a perfect blend of unrivalled technical performance and stunning looks. Our long term collaboration with leading Finnish industrial designer Harri Koskinen ensures that every Genelec speaker will be pleasing to your eyes, as well as your ears!

Keeping active

All our speakers are active designs, meaning that the power amplifiers are built into the speaker enclosure itself, and are totally optimised for the driver they are powering. Not only does this remove the need for separate bulky amplifiers, it mean you simply connect your audio source to your Genelec speakers, and away you go. Simple is good.

Making the most of your space

Every home is unique in size and shape, so there's no single ‘one-size-fits-all’ audio solution. However, with our extensive range of speakers and mounting accessories, it’s easy to choose a Genelec speaker system that is perfect for your room dimensions and your type of listening.

Not only do we provide with a choice of speaker models from ultra-compact bookshelf size upwards - each step up in size providing successively more volume and low frequency extension - but our range of stands and mounts means that your Genelec speaker will happily live on a shelf, table, floor, wall or ceiling depending on the available space you have.

So whether your idea of fun is a noisy karaoke evening or a quiet dinner with friends - we can help!

Dealing with poor acoustics

Every sound you hear from your speakers is a combination of the original sound and your own room’s acoustics - and every room sounds different.

While recording studios will spend a lot of time and effort on acoustically treating their control rooms to ensure they sound as neutral and uncoloured as possible, this is obviously just not realistic in most homes.

Genelec have always endeavoured to design speakers that minimise the negative influence of room acoustics - so that the music you hear is as close as possible to the original source. We achieve this through a combination of cabinet, driver and electronic design - and a set of simple rear panel room correction switches that will help you compensate for the most extreme acoustic effects of your room.

Simplifying your system

The hi-fi systems of yesteryear often featured an extensive array of separate elements that were both complex and physically large.

Today’s breed of home audio system can be much more streamlined and elegant, and due to our active philosophy of integrating power amplifier stages into the speaker enclosure itself, you can simply select a high-quality source such as a streamer and connect this directly to your Genelec speakers - with flexible control via your tablet or smartphone.

The result is a compact setup that is child’s play to configure and control, yet benefits from a perfectly matched amplifier and speaker system for truly premium audio performance.

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